Venuetastic is no longer active. This site is for historical and demonstration purposes.
If you have questions, reach out to Helen on Twitter @belokor.



Eventbrite enables people all over the world to plan, promote, and sell out any event. And Eventbrite makes it easy for everyone to discover events, and to share the events they are attending with the people they know. In this way, Eventbrite brings communities together by encouraging people to connect through live experiences.

The leading organization for meeting and event professionals.

The window into the City by the Bay - the official travel and visitors guide to San Francisco, CA

Have you found your venue through Venuetastic? Shastic can handle the rest for you. From electronic flyers to online ticketing, Premium Deals and Exclusive Offers, we are the end-to-end event promotion service that does not require an upfront investment from your side.

Designated Driver Services Of California also known as Sober Drivers is a California non-profit corporation, which was started with the goal of providing a service to various communities across the San Francisco Bay Area and reducing the impact of impaired driving in people’s lives. is the fastest growing social seat management tool on the web. Event planners save, on average, 4 hours per event by using its sleek, easy-to-use interface and collaborative tools.