Venuetastic is no longer active. This site is for historical and demonstration purposes.
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How it Works


Meet Eva

Eva recently got her dream job in a brand new city and her first assignment was to find a location for her company's happy hour. Overwhelmingly daunted by the task, Eva was desperate to find a unique venue that would impress her boss, but she didn't even know where to start. Every step of the way she ran into problems: she called many venues to find out if they could fit 60 people in a private room for a budget of $2000 but got no responses, most venues had unclear websites and didn’t respond to her e-mails, and some were just plain boring. She contacted so many venues that she couldn’t remember which venue was which!

Luckily someone told Eva about Venuetastic and suddenly she had hundreds of high quality, curated venues at her fingertips. She was able to narrow her search using parameters such as location, capacity, budget, and niche. Venuetastic streamlined her communications and Eva requested and obtained quotes from multiple venues at once.


Meet Victor

It was through Venuetastic that Eva found Victor the venue owner. Victor owns a local gallery and was looking for new ways to promote their space. He created a customized profile on the Venuetastic website, with high-quality photos, pricing, descriptions of spaces and availability. Victor had never hosted a corporate event before but based on his Venuetastic profile, it turned out his venue fit perfectly with Eva’s requirements. Eva found the space and signed a contract directly through Venuetastic and worked with Victor to plan an unforgettable event.

Now everybody at work calls Eva the event planner. When she found out that her boss was getting married, her first suggestion was to use Venuetastic to help the happy couple find the perfect venue. This is what Venuetastic does best -- connecting clients and venues and making sure they work together happily ever after.