Venuetastic is no longer active. This site is for historical and demonstration purposes.
If you have questions, reach out to Helen on Twitter @belokor.

About Venuetastic

Venuetastic was founded in 2011 to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving event industry in the shift toward more custom and niche experiences and amenities. We've worked closely with event organizers throughout the country, from professional wedding planners to marketing assistants, to design our search engine functionality and venue profiles for an easy and transparent way to discover venues online with all of the pertinent booking details.

What makes the Venuetastic community stand above the rest are our high standards of vetting and regional social media teams; providing planners with access to only the most unique venues without the clutter of the highly advertised chain hotels, golf courses and the like. Additionally, Venuetastic members benefit from our full-time, in- house PR and Marketing teams actively promoting our venues via a multitude of social media outlets and industry partnerships both regional and national levels.

Venuetastic is not only the ultimate online venue search and communication tool but multi-faceted community that connects venues, vendors, and event planners alike. We're always looking to grow our community and partnerships. For opportunities to be involved with Venuetastic or for sponsorship and advertising information, e-mail us at

The Team

  • Helen


    Founder and Efficiency Driver

    Call it Biz Dev, call it Marketing, call it the job of any Founder, call it just spreading the word about how Venuetastic is going to change the event industry — Helen does it all. She also really likes to analyze how people make decisions, particularly purchase decisions, as well as do some a/b testing!

    In a previous life, Helen studied Math and Neuroscience at MIT and worked as a trader/PM on Wall Street.

  • Nicole


    Community Management Guru

    LA native who braved the cold east coast winters at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, but missed the sunshine of So-Cal. She has worked for producers, agents & studio executives, but her toughest boss by far has been her love of food. Nicole founded an experimental underground supper club Cloak & Dinner, worked with the culinary team on Gordon Ramsay's MasterChef and constantly blogs about her food mis-adventures on Now she’s sharing her enthusiasm over finding and researching incredible venues...

  • Steve


    Tech Leader

    Steve Schwartz has been building startups since 2004. After getting his Mechanical and Electrical Engineering degrees from Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute), he ran away to become a hacker.

    Steve enjoys writing, racing cars, playing soccer, skateboarding, and desperately trying to rock out on guitar. He's highly involved in the open source software community, having developed and maintained several popular open source projects, including the jquery-rails gem included in all new Ruby on Rails applications.

  • 286


    PR Team Advisor

    Jennifer has really done it all, from writing for sites like to, Jennifer is lending her PR expertise to Venuetastic while continuing to be a well respected PR Associate at Double Forte.

  • Cory


    Tech Maker

    Cory Kaufman-Schofield is a developer and sometimes designer from Traverse City, MI. He got his bachelors in Psychology at Kalamazoo College and his Masters in Information from the University of Michigan. Cory has been developing for the web since 2004, using mostly PHP, Ruby and JavaScript.

  • Caitlin


    Tech Conductor

    Caitlin Holman earned her master's degree in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan. She has been designing and developing websites since 2006, including developing custom PHP and MySQL applications, and building on content management systems like Wordpress and Drupal. Since graduation she has been developing primarily in Ruby on Rails and taking over project management.

  • Allegra


    Staff Writer / Event Planner

    Allegra edits a whole bunch of really important content at Venuetastic! When she is not managing the content for the Venuetastic blog and social media, she is an amateur event planner primarily planning events inspired by her childhood Disney themed birthday parties. She holds a BA in Diplomacy and World Affairs from Occidental College in Los Angeles. Her favorite kind of event (and venues) are outdoor music festivals. During her time at Occidental, she went to Coachella three times.

  • Kori


    PR and Marketing Guru/Event Planner

    Kori has worked in almost every aspect of event planning from Marketing and PR Events, Corporate Meetings and Retreats, Non-Profit/Fundraising, and Weddings and other personal occasions. She thrives on the smallest of details and personal touches, making lists and spreadsheets, listening to music and drinking coffee. A born people person she loves to connect with other professionals in the industry and to scout out the most amazing one-of-a kind niche venues, attempt DIY craft projects, and engage in any conversation about event logistics or color schemes. Kori works with both our users (event planners) and venue owners to connect the best with the best and stay on the top of industry trends and standards.

  • 286


    PR and Marketing

    Shannon is yet another amazing MIT-er lending her diligence and creativity to Venuetastic. At MIT, besides graduating with an impressive Chemical Engineeering degree, Shannon was seriously involved in her sorority and other MIT events as well as PR-type functions.

  • Mallory


    User Outreacher

    Small town girl living in the big city. I am a social butterfly who loves planning, participating and running events. My favorite place to hang out in Los Angeles, besides Hermosa Beach, is Skybar taking in the views.

  • Lucy


    User Outreacher Intern

    Lucy Fan went to M.I.T. and got an impressive Chemical Engineering degree as well as minors in Energy and Management. Hailing from China, she loves to travel the world, exploring different cuisines. Her most recent adventure has brought her to Israel, where she is becoming a hummus connoisseur. In her spare time she also enjoys photography, climbing mountains, and aquatic sports. Lucy works on Venuetastic’s business development and user outreach strategy.

Venuetastic Alumni

  • Christine


    Christine built the first go-around of the product and was one of the original founders. She’s awesome and we thank her for everything she helped build!

  • April


    Bartender extraordinaire became Venuetastic’s Community Manager in late 2011 and helped us grow nationally. She still advises from afar as her unparalleled bar expertise cannot be matched by anyone.

  • 286


    Helped get the word out about Venuetastic in the Bay area when we were first getting started. Thanks Miriam!

  • 286


    The original Venuetastic intern. Yes, he's MIT. Yes, he's now a successful YC founder himself - we can't be happier or prouder!